Harmonizing Body & Mind
Harmonizing Body & Mind



A plan to meet your employees most pressing needs from repetitive motion injury prevention to carpal tunnel treatment and general stress reduction and relaxation. Call today to learn more, (303) 324-9742. 


Providing table & chair massage. To achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time, the body should be properly aligned and the massage environment conducive for proper relaxation; that's why we only provide massage in a dedicated office or conference room. Don't have space? Try our referral program.


Set up time (average of thirty minutes) and travel time is always free. Sessions are provided in 15, 30 and 60* minute increments. (*Table massage only)


On Site Massage


  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly massages provided on an employee pay basis or a flat hourly corporate rate. Minimum of ninety minutes required.  Businesses that pay by check or credit card on the date of service receive a 10% discount. 


Referral Program


  • Encourage your employees to visit us and pay only a portion of the total fee, per employee, per session. Billed monthly; pricing dependent on number of total employees, session length and modality chosen; 10% early pay discount on all invoices.

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