Harmonizing Body & Mind
Harmonizing Body & Mind

Providing You the MOST Effective Integrative Medical Massage Services

Integrative Medical Massage combines various modalities into your massage, in accordance with your needs, goals & preferences, allowing you to receive the best & fastest treatment possible. Together we will customize each and every session to meet & EXCEED your goals. 


I currently provide in-office, mobile, corporate and charity/event massage services.



I hope you will decide to book an appointment with me soon. I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity and modality is just right for you. BOOK NOW!




  • IN OFFICE     30 Minute Massage     $  45.00
  • IN OFFICE     60 Minute Massage     $  75.00
  • IN OFFICE     90 Minute Massage     $  105.00
  • IN OFFICE     45 Minute Upper Body Cupping  $ 55.00


  • ADD ON        Upper Body Cupping   $ 10.00
  • ADD ON        Receptra CBD SALVE  $ 10.00


  • *MOBILE        60 Minute Massage     $  110.00
  • *MOBILE        90 Minute Massage     $  130.00


*Please add an additional thirty minutes of set-up time to your session. You must provide a valid, current U.S. photo ID or driver's license at time of booking. See  Policies for additional information. 



Zen Shiatsu aims to balance the flow of Chi (universal energy) within the body. It is based on the traditional Chinese acupuncture meridians and was created by Shizuto Masanuga. It consists of various forms of two handed compressions, thumb techniques along the acupuncture meridians, as well as light stretches. Emphasis is placed on moving the flow of Chi from the center of the body out through the limbs.



Swedish massage is a lighter touch massage that increases circulation and promotes relaxation. Swedish massage consists of long fluid strokes to encourage the return of blood from the limbs to the core where it is filtered by the heart. 




MFR is a form of deep tissue massage utilizing a variety of techniques to address areas of chronic pain, tension or injury. Work is directed at the fascial layers (connective tissue surrounding muscles and bones) of the body. Adhesions (those tight spots you feel in your neck, back and shoulders) are treated utilizing trigger point therapy as well as muscle energy techniques. Ideal for disrupting chronic tension and pain patterns within the body, re-setting muscle proprioception, increasing muscle length and improving range of motion. If you suffer from chronic pain, repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel and tennis elbow or sciatica, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis & thoracic outlet syndrome). 



A form of medical massage designed to assess and address muscular and skeletal problems as a result of overuse, injury, poor posture, and general compensation patterns. Sessions consist of postural assessment, muscle testing, and various massage techniques designed to address specific concerns (i.e. scoliosis, TMJ, frozen shoulder). Treatment is often coordinated with other medical professionals including chiropractors, orthopedists and acupuncturists. This is not a relaxation massage and may or may not be a full body massage depending on the type of treatment needed.



Techniques vary depending on your specific sport and needs. We provide both pre-event and post event massage as well as post event recovery. Techniques may include passive and active stretching, and ice massage. 



Ever feel like you are gasping for air or breathing shallower during times of stress? Learning how to breathe better and focus your breath is one of the fastest ways to calm the mind and body. We'll walk through a variety of exercises to bring your awareness to your breath, its pace and depth. Additionally massage techniques will focus on the abdominals, diaphragm release and chest to promote deeper more relaxed breathing.  Not recommended for individuals with COPD, uncontrolled Asthma or certain other respiratory diseases.

See Policies for additional terms and conditions.

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