Harmonizing Body & Mind
Harmonizing Body & Mind

       Denver's Integrative Medical Massage Services    

    The Private Practice of

       Licensed Therapist

       Stephanie Boschen

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          My Mission

My mission is to provide you with exceptional, compassionate & skillful touch through a variety of therapeutic massage modalities; to empower you to improve & maintain your physical & mental health, while respecting the environment & supporting the local community.

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     Located at "The Workshops"

     4340 E Kentucky Ave, # 447          Glendale, CO 80246

Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm

Phone/Text: (303) 324-9742



"Stephanie is amazing and is the first therapist I felt like truly knew what she was doing, not just nodding her head at what I said was problematic. Great massage AND advice. I look forward to making massage a part of an effort to be healthier overall."   -David


"I've had several spinal fusions and I will not just trust anyone to work on me. However, the knowledge and care I have received is amazing. I can't tell you how many times I've come in with severe pain and always leave feeling such relief."        -Victoria


"Stephanie listened to what I wanted and my expectations were exceeded." -Ann


"Stephanie takes the time to understand needs and customized every massage to meet those needs."  -Laura

                              My Philosophy & Approach

I find, with the guidance of a skilled massage therapist, we are able to not only alleviate stress, but begin to understand the multi-faceted & interconnected causes of chronic pain, tension or injury. By incorporating a wide variety of massage disciplines I can improve or correct postural misalignments, relieve repetitive motion injuries, muscle imbalances, even shallow chest breathing. Together we will create a treatment plan that works with your schedule & lifestyle.


The body heals best when gently guided in the natural direction of proper alignment resulting in an effortless unwinding of muscle & surrounding fascial tissue. The best results is derived through consistent, daily mini routines, that easily fit into your schedule while providing the proper repetitive nudge required to reset the body's muscle proprioceptors toward optimal function. It is vital that you become an active participant in your physical wellbeing beyond the massage room. Continued communication, education & at home self-directed care will provide you with the best, fastest & most beneficial long term results.


My style has been described by clients as detail & results oriented with a firm grasp of anatomy & pathology; see client comments above.



  • Listening & honoring your needs, preferences and concerns


  • Never overbooking appointments; allowing you the time you need to receive your services 


  • Creating specific short & long term treatment plans to provide you with the most effective therapies in the shortest amount of time


  • Discussing your health during each visit to ensure progress, understanding & coordinated treatment with other providers


  • Equipping you with easy to read, custom homework assignments; allowing you to work on your individual concerns in the privacy of your home



  • Continually receiving additional training in the latest techniques & additional modalities


  • Combining detailed treatment work with soothing integrative strokes to maximize your body’s ability to receive deeper work comfortably


  • Working in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms, allowing a smooth unfolding of trouble areas


  • Partnering with Hands For Heroes, a non-profit organization providing free bodywork services to Veterans as they transition into daily life & recover from a variety of emotional and physical traumas. 


  • Partnering with local charities to increase donations and awareness through EST’s event massage programs. 


  • Providing you access to additional independent healthcare resources; Visit our Additional Resources page for more information


  • Utilizing Organic Massage Lotion from Sacred Earth Botanicals that are: Vegan Certified, Sulfate Free! Free of Parabens and Triethanolamine, Never Tested on Animals, No Animal or Insect Byproducts, No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


  • Master Works Massage Tables made of natural fibers with no off gassing 

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