Harmonizing Body & Mind
Harmonizing Body & Mind

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)

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How does HIPAA apply to you and massage?

Privacy & Confidentiality

  • HIPAA limits the non-consensual use and release of private health information; gives you access to your medical records and to know who has accessed them; restricts disclosure of most health information to the minimum needed for the intended purpose; institutes criminal and civil sanctions for improper use or disclosure; and establishes requirements for others to access your records.

Required Written Consent

  • HIPAA requires that EST receive your prior written consent before sharing your personal health information with others, including: doctors, lawyers, and family members.

How do I release information to my doctor or insurance company?

By completing the HIPAA Consent Form and sending it to EST via email to, easternsuntherapeutics@gmail.com


EST charges a nominal adminstration fee equal to $0.10 per page, plus postage.  To protect your privacy we do not send information electronically.





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